Leading DEM Fire prevention – from our dedicated firies

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Leading DEM Fire Prevention - from our Dedicated Firies

DEM Fire is committed to first-class fire prevention with comprehensive solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance. We have decades of collective experience in fire safety and essential services, and among our highly skilled team are several dedicated firefighters.

Mick McGrath, Bradley Day and Steve Day are three of our valued employees who this year were on the front line fighting the immense bushfires that have ravaged NSW, Queensland and Victoria. They’ve each spent years helping our communities with emergency fire and rescue.

“It’s one of the reasons that I joined DEM Fire,” explains Mick McGrath, DEM Fire’s Compliance and Accounts Manager. “When you put enough fires out… you want to do everything you can to prevent them.”

DM Meet Mick

Meet Mick

Mick’s multifaceted role with DEM Fire sees him managing key accounts and overseeing all things fire compliance, and for his hard work he was nominated for The Emerging Fire Protection Industry Leader Award in the 2019 FPA Awards.

In addition to exceptional contribution to our company, he’s been with Fire and Rescue NSW for almost 25 years.

Fire and Rescue NSW is the State Government authority for the provision of fire, rescue and hazmat services across New South Wales. Mick is Deputy Captain at Riverstone Station in Sydney’s north-west, and in addition to bushfires, he works across other fire and rescue incidents.

“I joined when I was about 20,” says Mick. “My father was a firie and so was my uncle. I do enjoy providing a service to the community, that really makes a difference. When others are running away, we’re running towards it.”

Mick was in Glen Innes and the Blue Mountains this summer, where bushfires raged in November and December. “I’m with a strike team and we do 12-hour shifts. We’re based in a hot spot and respond when a fire comes through, but fortunately we didn’t lose any homes. The community response was incredible. They were very appreciative.”

DM Meet Steve

Meet Steve

Steve Day has been with DEM Fire for five years and is a Senior Fire Tester. He conducts fire systems inspections which involve field supervision, quality control, and equipment and vehicle testing.

He’s also a Retained Firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW and Deputy Captain of Doyalson Fire Station on the Central Coast.

“I was up north first, near Port Macquarie working with the Forestry Commission – the helicopter that crashed there was supporting us – and then near Picton, south of Sydney. Our station has a crew of 17 guys and we appoint teams of four. There were days when we were deployed for 16 or 17 hours, and it can be exhausting.”

Fighting bushfires is just one aspect of Fire and Rescue NSW, and Steve’s team also frequently responds to other incidents. “We’re emergency response, so we’re often first on the scene. We deal with structural fires – homes, high rise and other buildings – and with storms. We might need to secure the scene if a power pole is down or there’s a gas leak. And we frequently attend vehicle accidents where, for instance, we help get people out of crushed vehicles.”

Steve initially joined Fire and Rescue NSW to learn new skills and challenge himself… but his motivations have shifted. “Now it’s definitely the community and to be able to help people… when we get trapped people out of a car for instance. It doesn’t always go well, but when it does, it’s a very good thing.”

Bradley Day

Meet Bradley

Bradley Day is a fire system technician with DEM Fire, responsible for testing during asset management to ensure all equipment is in premium condition – and that passive fire solutions are sound.

He tests fire extinguishers, hydrants, emergency lighting, fire doors, fire panels, smoke detectors and thermal detectors – and monitors fire fields and door seals.

Like his father Steve, Brad is a Retained Firefighter with Fire and Rescue NSW, so he will be called on in an emergency. This summer he has split his time fighting bushfires around Port Macquarie, the Central Coast and Sydney.

He’s been a firefighter for a few years now and believes this year’s fires are the worst he’s seen in that time. “Holsworthy (in 2018) was very large, but more controlled. This season has shown the potential of what can happen.”

In Port Macquarie, Brad worked with his team of four in the national park, and in the Central Coast they worked on property protection. Another crew from his station was caught in the fire path further south. “Four trucks were burnt but luckily no-one was hurt,” he says.

Commitment To Community

Commitment to community

Mick, Steve and Bradley work part-time with emergency services but are frequently on call – so it’s an enormous commitment. They each have similar reasons for their involvement – and it’s a dedication to helping others.

As Steve says, “There’s no better satisfaction than helping someone, especially when they’re at their most vulnerable.”

DEM Fire is very proud of Mick, Steve and Bradley – and of our full team that works so hard to provide outstanding fire protection services. We’re committed to helping our clients – and your employees, customers and tenants – to stay safe. Contact us if you would like premium fire protection from an incredibly dedicated team. Read more Fire Prevention Industry articles.

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