Nikki Sim

Nikki Sim - Service Coordinator Leader

Nikki and her team provide the necessary support for all DEM supervisors and technicians.

From invoicing to being the main point of contact for all call-outs, she is definitely kept busy at DEM.

Starting in the fire industry at only 18 years of age, it’s no surprise that Nikki considers it part of her life story. She grew up with it, after all.

Once she worked her way through the ranks, she finally found a home at DEM.

Nikki admits to veering from fire at one stage and dipping her toe into the world of electrical, but she says she “missed fire too much” and quickly returned.

“DEM has a really good name in the fire industry. When I first applied for the position, they were really warm and welcomed me with open arms. I was really pleased to join the team.”

In Nikki’s spare time, she’s all about netball or working at her parents’ mechanical workshop.

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