Mandy Li

Project Estimator

Mandy Li is a DEM Fire Projects Estimator, which involves assessing design drafts, calculating components and tracking fire safety standards.

Her keen eye for detail stems for an earlier career as a mechanical engineer. “I was working as an engineer in Adelaide but thinking about a career change. I was in manufacturing at the time and wasn’t sure about the future of manufacturing in Australia. That’s when I saw the Bankstown fire on the news.”

The Bankstown fire was a fatal 2012 apartment fire in Sydney. One young woman died and another was severely injured after both jumped from a burning building with inadequate fire protection.

“I wanted to use my knowledge of buildings to help ensure things like that don’t happen,” says Mandy, “so I decided to move into fire prevention.”

While she enjoys exercising in her local park on weekends, Mandy is committed to hard work – “I hate sitting around wasting time” – and ensuring every job is completed to exacting standards, and on deadline.

It’s something she shares with the entire DEM Fire project team.


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