Jaydene Agius

Service Coordinator

Jaydene Agius is one of DEM Fire’s dedicated Service Coordinators. Working with our electrical supervisor, she assists with scheduling and project coordination and provides administration for the electrical department. Unlike some others in the DEM Fire team, Jaydene never expected to build a career in fire protection.

“I’ve worked in fire prevention since April 2014. I had initially planned on doing law after school, but I started with a business traineeship at another fire company. I didn’t think it sounded that interesting at first but I’m so glad I put my foot in the door and took a chance.”

At DEM Fire, we provide holistic fire protection services that include solution design, installation, asset management and fire compliance, and it’s the complexity of fire protection that Jaydene finds appealing.

“The fire industry is so much more involved than you imagine and there’s so much opportunity. There are a lot of areas and you’re constantly learning, which always keeps it interesting.”

Outside work, Jaydene loves spending time with family and friends, planning movie trips for her family’s two young foster children, or even washing the car. With a green thumb, she’s also often in the garden, where she grows and maintains bonsais.

She believes it’s important to nurture client relationships too, and she’s found a kindred team at DEM Fire.

“It’s a great company to work for. The people I work with are really lovely and everyone works together to meet client expectations in a timely and effective manner, which I think is really important.”


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