Hasan Erdogan

Passive Fire Team Leader

As DEM Fire’s Passive Fire Team Leader, Hasan Erdogan oversees our passive fire team and services, which includes every stage from quote through logistics and project delivery. We assess properties to ensure passive fire elements are effective and that they meet all fire compliance requirements.

“As part of our Annual Fire Safety Statements services, we provide full assessments of existing passive fire infrastructure,” explains Hasan. “If our team detects passive fire failures in a property, we then run a complete rectification project to ensure the building is fully compliant and safe.”

Hasan came to DEM Fire with outstanding passive fire expertise achieved through years both on the tools and in management.

“I always wanted to be a fireman, but took a different course. I joined the fire industry in a junior role and worked my way up, before establishing my own business specialising in passive fire installation services. I also have full FPAS accreditation.”

Hasan has a long-standing passion for fire protection and the drive to do the absolute best – whether he’s working out at the gym, trying a new recipe or providing first-class fire prevention solutions.

“I am passionate about fire safety and contributing to the safety and wellbeing of others. I also really enjoy exceeding expectations – both the customers’ and my own. I get a lot of satisfaction from mastering things and knowing that I’ve done the best I possibly can.”

Whilst he’s one of our newest recruits, Hasan believes the DEM Fire team has a similar focus. “I noticed quickly how organised it is here and how everyone always puts customers first. I particularly like that customer satisfaction is a priority.”


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