A legend in fire protection

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Stephen has been with DEM Fire since 4 January 2005. He has worked across the business as a fire system tester, calling on nearly half of our 1000 contract clients every month to conduct monthly tests on sprinkler and fire detection systems.

Described as a reliable and consistent individual, Stephen attended his monthly inspections “with a ready smile and was always on time.”

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Communication is a key part of customer service

On sharing the news of Stephen’s retirement, DEM Fire’s customers were saddened that he was leaving and were unanimous in their appreciation of Stephen’s professional work ethic, professionalism and dependable service. “If, for any reason, the schedule changed, Stephen would be on the phone to let our team know and to set up another convenient time,” said one of Stephen’s long-standing customers.

Thank you and Goodbye note

Farewell from DEM Fire

DEM Fire’s Managing Director, Tom Marshall, says, “Stephen has been one of the cornerstones of this business over the last 17 years. His diligence and attention to protocol detail are admired by many across our organisation.”

Although past retirement age already, Stephen is leaving DEM Fire to look after his ailing mother. “The decision to leave a job he loves to selflessly help his mum is testament to the type of individual Stephen is. He will be sorely missed by our team and in our business and within our industry.”

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