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Understanding fire exit door regulations

At DEM Fire, we provide complete and compliant fire protection solutions, but as employers are responsible for employee safety, it is useful for you to have some awareness of fire exit door regulations. In Australia, these regulations are enshrined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and in state legislation. Here’s what you need to know about fire exit door regulations.

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How to tell if your fire alarm system needs an upgrade

For optimum fire protection, every property needs a tailored fire alarm system, but it’s also important to remember that what is effective and industry compliant now, may not be in another ten years… or perhaps sooner. There are several reasons why your fire alarm system would need an upgrade, from its age to changes in property usage or ineffective asset maintenance. Here are the key considerations.

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Three steps to get your fire safety system right from the start

Central to effective fire prevention is a well-designed fire safety system. With decades of experience in comprehensive fire prevention services, the DEM Fire team specialises in considered, compliant and expert solution design tailored to every client. Here are the three key steps we take at DEM Fire, to ensure we get your fire safety system right from the start.

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Tailored fire suppression solutions for all sectors

As the term suggests, fire suppression quells property burning within a building. Distinct from portable fire equipment such as fire extinguishers, suppression systems are highly complex systems engineered to extinguish, contain and/or prevent fire spread in the event of an outbreak. Here’s an overview of fire suppression systems, and our holistic approach to solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance.

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DEM Fire Team Ready for Fast-Response and High-Quality CDC

DEM Fire consistently delivers exceptional fire prevention, thanks to an ongoing commitment to team and process development. Our Complying Development Certificate (CDC) services meet changes to essential fire services introduced in 2019, and we’ve built – and we are further building – on our team capability to provide expert CDC services in-house.

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A DEM Fire Guide to Passive Fire Protection

DEM Fire has a specialist team of fire system experts in-house. Our project team has expertise across all aspects of fire prevention design and installation, and our asset protection team monitors and tests installed fire system components, including passive fire protection. Passive fire protection is a key element of structural fire protection. We explain here how passive fire protection works, and why it’s critical for building fire safety.

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Different Types of Fire Extinguishers

Every fire is different. Depending on the flammable materials involved you may need to use a specific type of fire extinguisher. If you choose the wrong type, it could be ineffective or dangerous.

Understanding the different classes of fire can help you to identify which types of fire extinguishers you need for adequate fire protection for your commercial site.

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A DEM Fire Guide to Sprinkler Systems

As an expert in fire protection, DEM Fire has full understanding of the complexity of a well-designed fire system. Something as seemingly simple as a commercial sprinkler system for instance, requires a thorough knowledge of solution design, system installation, building codes and compliance requirements – which is why the true operation of a sprinkler system… is nothing like Hollywood.

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Processes and People Key to Exceptional DEM Fire Projects

As a leader in fire prevention services – and with our origins in a family business – we know that a company’s strength relies on robust processes… and dedicated people. James Kingi and Scott Wootton are two of our newest fire system project team members. They have been overseeing new processes to streamline and improve operations – and it’s already making a positive impact.

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DEM Fire Guide to Common Company Fires – And Strategic Ways to Prevent Them

As Australia’s leading independent providers of fire and essential services, DEM Fire emphasises to all our clients that commercial fire prevention involves comprehensive planning. Most Australians are now very aware of the importance of having a Bushfire Survival Plan at home. It’s critical that businesses give equal urgency to fire prevention… and part of that involves understanding common causes of fire.

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DEM Fire Premium Protection for Every Office

DEM Fire is an expert in fire protection – and we know that effective fire prevention planning is crucial for every business. With our holistic approach to fire protection spanning solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance, we know just what fire protection equipment is best for every commercial space… and every type of office.

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DEM Fire Leading the Way with Uptick Fire Protection Technology

As a leader in fire protection services, DEM Fire is committed to premium solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance. And one way we ensure exceptional service is by embracing advanced technology. For the past four years we’ve been working with Uptick, a specialist in compliance and workforce management software for the fire protection industry.

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