Dylan Stephens

Project Manager

Dylan Stephens is a Project Manager with DEM Fire and responsible for end-to-end delivery of sprinkler systems and dry (electrical) fire prevention systems.

“I’m there from the start of each project. I organise isolation permits and insurances for our team on site. I oversee delivery during the middle phase. And I’m there when it wraps up, organising commissioning and signing off on installation certificates.”

Dylan has a long history in fire protection and prevention, starting with an apprenticeship in sprinkler systems. “I was a carpenter initially but had a friend who decided to go into fire protection. It was a bit like a phantom trade as no one really knew was what was involved, but it sounded interesting.”

After his apprenticeship, Dylan shifted his focus to fire prevention solution design. “I completed my apprenticeship and was on site for four or five years, then I studied fire systems engineering and moved into the design of dry fire systems.”

One aspect of working at DEM Fire that Dylan particularly enjoys is the interaction with both the team“it’s a good atmosphere and everyone helps each other” – and our clients.

“I’m a people person and I love that I get to talk to people every day. I think good communication is key to any scenario at work or outside it. I really enjoy helping our customers understand the systems and what’s going on. I get a kick out of that.”


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