Bree Giardina

Service Operations Manager

Bree Giardina is DEM Fire’s Service Operations Manager, overseeing our service department and ensuring we have efficient and seamless systems in place to provide our leading fire prevention solutions.

Our team supervisors run the technicians in the field and report back to me. I make sure operations run smoothly, and I also account manage key clients,” says Bree.

Bree joined the fire industry about six years ago, making the move to fire… from fitness.

I was a personal trainer for many years and I had been an aspiring athlete as a teenager before I had an injury. I then started a business helping gyms recover from poor business performance. I was working 24/7, so it did get to the point that I really wanted to work for someone else, and I liked the idea of a desk job.”

Bree joined another fire company in an admin role and after just a few years, she was running inspection and testing teams, electrical teams and wet teams. She joined DEM Fire as an Account Manager and, once again, worked her way to a senior role.

When you enter the fire industry, you don’t seem to leave,” she laughs. “I’ve done really well and managed to keep getting promoted. I’ve always had that drive to keep reaching higher and performing the best I can, and I guess I’m a problem solver. I love finding the solution if anything goes wrong. That’s very satisfying.”

Bree’s inner drive is obvious in everything she does, from motorbike riding and four-wheel driving in her spare time, to keeping on top of workloads to provide efficient customer solutions. “I really love the feeling of getting down to that very last email.”

While keeping clients satisfied is a major priority, it’s something Bree’s seen all across DEM Fire.

The team here at DEM Fire is really good. There’s so much support. In some companies everyone will be stressed and on edge, but everyone here wants to help, which makes it such a positive environment. It’s just a great company to be part of, and I’m happy to be here.”


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