Ben Cross

Electrical Service Team Leader

As Electrical Service Team Leader with DEM Fire, Ben Cross calls on expert organisational skills and a long history in fire safety services.

“I’ve been in fire prevention for 15 years and worked at a few companies. My background is in service and fire alarm systems – installing, servicing, programming. I’ve pretty much worked in every aspect of fire alarms.

My father was in the fire industry and that’s how I started,” adds Ben. “I did try other areas but found that I preferred working in fire. There are a lot more technical elements than in other electrical fields. There are always new regulations, new systems and technology, which keeps it really interesting.”

Now with the DEM Fire electrical team, Ben looks after our technicians to ensure they have everything needed to provide our expert system installation, asset management and fire compliance services.

“I oversee the team and make sure they’re equipped for the job. I supervise completed work and I ensure that all of our clients in the electrical division are looked after.”

With three children, aged two, four and five, nothing beats family for Ben, but he also relishes new experiences, either on his motorbike or in the office.

“I really enjoy the work that I do, especially now that I’m moving into management. I like to push myself and not become too complacent. It’s very satisfying when you can continue to challenge yourself, learn and grow.

And everyone at DEM Fire has been so welcoming,” he says. “The management is very approachable and you can see that the whole team is interested in the wellbeing of every client, which is very refreshing.”


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