Asset Management

Impeccable Asset Management

Real time visibility for impeccable asset management

Part of the DEM holistic approach to fire and essential services is efficient and proactive asset management. And critical for effective asset management is real time visibility. Once you have a premium fire protection in place, we can provide Annual Fire Safety Certification.

And we use comprehensive systems to ensure that we – and our clients – can regularly monitor every aspect of their installed systems.

Fire protection systems can be highly complex, with multiple detection, emergency warning and sprinkler systems in place, and thousands of assets including fire doors, alarms, hydrants, blankets and extinguishers.

Having worked on multiple large-scale projects, including shopping centres, stadiums, manufacturing plants and expansive apartment blocks, we know that clear asset management processes are vital. We use a unique and powerful service management system called Workforce that barcodes and tracks each asset in real-time. With state-of-the-art technology and advanced management software, we can provide a full monitoring service. It’s one element of our holistic fire protection design and delivery management.

DEM Round The Clock Breakdown Response

Round the clock breakdown response

We are committed to premium fire and essential services solutions – and we guarantee our quality. But we also know that accidents happen.

As part of our comprehensive asset management we provide seven-day, round the clock emergency breakdown and phone support for our customers.

When you call with an emergency or breakdown, we’ll have our team out as soon as possible. We’ll diagnose the fault, provide a full analysis and report… and rectify it quickly and efficiently.

With decades of experience, we pride ourselves on our fast-response breakdown.

We excel at speedy and effective remedies for premium fire protection services because we care about fire protection – and the safety of our, and your, clients. It’s why we’re here 24/7 for premium breakdown and emergency response.

Reporting And Clear Communication

Full reporting and clear communication

Our asset management begins the moment we take you on as a client. And it continues through planning, design, system installation and asset management.

With a premium fire protection in place and asset management about to start, we coordinate with you to provide pre-commencement meetings, team familiarisation and site inductions.

Our experts will work with your people to ensure your fire protection and essential services will work optimally.

We also provide regular life cycle and conditional reporting so that you have a clear picture of your systems and equipment at every stage – and can anticipate maintenance and replacement dates.

We plan long-term and big-picture… so you can monitor your systems for optimum fire protection, safety, security and cost-effectiveness.

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