Andrew Roy

Electrical Projects Manager

Andrew Roy is Electrical Projects Manager with DEM Fire, overseeing the electrical installation of fire detection and alarm systems.

He supervises a small group of project fire technicians and contractors who work both on the installation of new fire systems, and the upgrade of existing fire detection systems to meet current Australian Standards.

For his role, Andrew draws on many years of experience in the fire protection industry. “My father was a builder and I got a first-hand look at lots of different trades. I left school in 1998 and went straight into an electrical apprenticeship with another fire protection company. I’ve been in the fire protection industry ever since.

Andrew worked as a fire service technician before gaining additional qualifications in project management. He has been a Project Manager in both wet and dry fire protection since 2012 and joined DEM Fire in late 2018.

After so many years in the industry, Andrew still finds several aspects of fire protection motivating.

I like that we get to work in some very interesting places, many that aren’t available to the public. I enjoy knowing that we need to keep moving forward and stay on the ball in order to meet client expectations

… and there is a lot of satisfaction in knowing that you’re helping protect people and their property. Our team takes pride in the quality of our fire system installations and knowing that in the small likelihood of a fire breakout, those systems will work as needed to keep our clients safe.”

Andrew enjoys time with family or friends on weekends, with a game of soccer, or more frequently, a round of golf. It’s the social aspect of DEM Fire that also appeals.

“I like the people I work with, and I’ve formed good relationships with a lot of colleagues and subcontractors over the years. DEM Fire is a very friendly environment – and the whole team works to provide quality work that really matters.”

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