Andrew Mitchell

DF-Andrew Mitchell

Fire Electrician

From repairing fire alarms, to attending on-site faults and breakdowns, Andrew makes sure all fire safety equipment is running smoothly for all DEM clients.

He heads to various sites across Sydney about four times a day. When asked to describe his role, Andrew says, “it’s all reactive maintenance – you just drop what you’re doing and go.”

The UK-born electrician made his way from Northampton to Australia in 1996, where he started his career in the fire industry. He took a liking to the professionalism that DEM exuded and so he decided to join the team.

When Andrew isn’t putting in the hours as Fire Electrician for DEM Fire, he loves a good running session.

DEM Fire Articles

Bushfire Preparation – Critical Information for Every Business

After last year’s horrific bushfire season across Australia, bushfire preparation should be front and centre for every business owner in a bushfire prone area. As a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to understand the risks, prepare a bushfire plan, and ensure that you and your staff are clear on the required course of action before, during and after a fire. Here’s what you should know.

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Different Types of Fire Extinguishers

Every fire is different. Depending on the flammable materials involved you may need to use a specific type of fire extinguisher. If you choose the wrong type, it could be ineffective or dangerous.

Understanding the different classes of fire can help you to identify which types of fire extinguishers you need for adequate fire protection for your commercial site.

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What Fire Compliance Changes Mean for Annual Fire Statements

As we recently reported, legislation changes now require all staff that conduct Annual Fire Statements to gain accreditation as ‘competent fire safety practitioners’ (CFSPs). As of 1 July, only CFSPs can now legally conduct the work previously covered by Fire Safety Assessment (FSA). Here’s why that’s good news for the industry, for quality assurance…and for property owners.

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